Fee for Service Accredited Courses and Qualifications

Certificate II in Salon Assistant
Diploma of Salon Management


All tuition fees are to be paid prior to commencement unless a payment plan has been established. The Course Fee Payment Arrangements established during enrolment are to be maintained at all times.

Where a student fails to meet their Course Fee Payment obligations, the student’s enrolment may be cancelled by Taylorweir Management.

Students requiring advice concerning their current financial circumstances should in the first instance seek an interview with the student administrator.

A payment receipt will be issued by Taylorweir at the time of payment when fees are paid directly to Taylorweir. When fees are paid by bank transfer, a payment receipt can be requested from Taylorweir when a bank transfer confirmation is presented, or funds have been confirmed in the Taylorweir account.

Please note: A Statement of Attainment or an Academic record will not be issued until all outstanding fees are finalised.


Students must provide written advice of withdrawal to ensure they are eligible for refunds.

Requests for refunds must be lodged within two weeks of the official withdrawal date.

No refunds are applicable to manuals.


Full Refund
If a student has paid the full course fee prior to commencement and does not commence the course, a refund less administration fee of 10% of the tuition fee will apply.

Part Refund
Students who withdraw within four weeks will be eligible for a full refund of their course fee, less administration fee of 10% of the tuition fee and 50% of the resource fee paid.

Pro Rata Refunds
Students may apply for a pro rata refund of fees at any time during the delivery of a course if the reason/s is beyond their control.

For example:

  • Serious illness resulting in extended absence from classes
  • Injury or disability that prevents the student from completing their programme of study
  • Other exceptional reasons at the discretion of the Director of Taylorweir.

In all cases, relevant documentary evidence (for example, medical certificate) is required.