Students cannot commence training for Certificate III in Hairdressing if they do not have the necessary equipment as stated, this includes providing your own tripod. If you already have some of your own equipment, please ensure that you purchase the remaining equipment listed below prior to commencing your training. Should you need to purchase equipment, Taylorweir has quality professional hairdressing equipment available for purchase inclusive of a twelve months professional warranty on tripods and all electrical equipment.

The following equipment requirement is compulsory and must be brought with you when you attend Taylorweir.


  • Pens and White Board Marker (not permanent marker)
  • Pencils & Coloured Pencils
  • Ruler & Paper Scissors
  • Eraser & Sharpener
  • Sticky Tape or Glue Stick

Hairdressing Equipment

Scissors, Clippers and Razors

  • Hairdressing Scissors
  • Thinning Scissors
  • Tapering Clippers and attachments
  • Cut Throat Razor with disposable blades
  • Feather Razor with disposable blades


  • Assortment of Round Styling Brushes (minimum of 5 sizes from small 8-27mm to large 70mm)
  • Paddle brush – 11 row
  • Boar brush – 14 row
  • Classic oval Porcupine Brush
  • Wet brush
  • Denman style cushion brush – 7 row
  • Teasing brush

Mannequin Workshops

Combs and Sundries

  • 7” Cutting comb
  • Tapered Barber comb
  • Tail comb – plastic tail
  • Tail comb – Metal tail
  • Flat-topper comb
  • Jumbo shampoo comb
  • Neck Brush
  • Blow Dryer
  • Straightening Iron (with adjustable temperature)
  • Sectioning Clips x 10
  • Water Spray
  • Fine Hair nets x 2

Setting Rollers

  • Green x 12 rollers – minimum
  • Yellow x 12 rollers – minimum
  • Orange x 12 rollers – minimum
  • Stick Pins x 1 Box

Protective Gear

  • Waterproof protective apron
  • Re-useable gloves: e.g. Black Satin re-usable gloves by Robert deSoto
  • Closed-in shoes

Workplace Safety and Health Regulations must always be adhered to:

  • Students must always wear closed-in shoes whilst at Taylorweir
  • No midriff tops or dropped armhole tank tops are permitted whilst at Taylorweir
  • Safety glasses are provided by Taylorweir
  • Students will be required to return to work if their equipment is not brought to class or PPE/WH&S regulations are not adhered to.