As an Australian living in Western Australia, the only way that you can undertake the hairdressing or barbering qualification is through an apprenticeship or traineeship. To do this you must first find a hairdressing salon or barber shop that is willing to employ you and enter into an apprenticeship or traineeship contract with you and registering you with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider (AASN) as an apprentice or trainee.

Registrations through the Apprenticeship Office.

How to Enrol In

SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant Traineeship
SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing Apprenticeship

SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering Apprenticeship

  1. Secure a job in a hairdressing salon or barbershop as an apprentice or trainee.
  2. Employer contacts their Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider (AASN) to organise a meeting and prepare the contract.
  3. Nominate Taylorweir as your “Off the job” Registered Training Provider with the AASN.
  4. Sign the contract paperwork.
  5. The Apprenticeship Office will contact Taylorweir.
  6. The apprentice/trainee is then registered to undertake their off the job training at Taylorweir.
  7. Taylorweir will contact the employer to confirm the contract and book the apprentice into the next available intake.
    1. Quite often the employer or apprentice will contact Taylorweir immediately after signing the Apprenticeship Probation document to register the apprentice. This ensures that a place is secured for the apprentice at the next available intake. It also provides an opportunity for the employer to make an early request of a specific day that best suits the salon/barbershop for the apprentice to undertake their off the job training.
  8. Taylorweir sends out the Training Plan which must be signed by all parties (Taylorweir, Employer, Apprentice and Guardian if applicable).
    1. This Training Plan has been developed in consultation with industry stakeholders and can be changed if all parties agree and sign an amended Training Plan.
  9. Prior to course commencement an email will be sent to the apprentice with course information and an enrolment link for the apprentice to complete the registration form online.


Contact Vanessa if you would like to enrol an apprentice phone:
08 6103 0481

Contact Rosanna if you would like to enrol a trainee phone:
08 6103 0480