Taylorweir Code of Conduct

The Taylorweir Code of Conduct sets the benchmark and clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected from management, trainers and administration personnel employed by or contracted to Taylorweir International School of Hairdressing.

For the purpose of this Code, “Student” refers to any person participating in training delivered by Taylorweir International School of Hairdressing (Taylorweir). "Team member" refers to any person employed by or contracted to Taylorweir International School of Hairdressing (Taylorweir).

Teaching our Students 

Demonstrating commitment and consideration for all students

  • Ensure all students are treated with respect
  • Ensure all students are assisted in a timely manner
  • Ensure all students receive accurate and relevant information regarding their learning  requirements
  • Maintain an efficient and effective class environment that is conducive to the success of all students
  • Remain focused on what is working
  • Support a safe environment


Regardless of level or tenure, all Taylorweir team members have a role in communicating Taylorweir's vision, taking responsibility and building trust amongst colleagues and students

  • Maintaining high standards of behaviour in line with Taylorweir’s Code of Conduct
  • Understanding and taking ownership of responsibilities
  • Be prepared to take on challenges
  • Truly listen and be responsive
  • Always be willing to do what it takes


Showing due regard for the feelings and rights of others’

  • Develop healthy professional relationships
  • Only speak with good purpose 
  • Respect personal views of others 
  • Respect cultural diversity
  • Never speak of any student or employer to any other person without the consent of either the student or employer
  • Ensure that you are well groomed at all times


Being a reliable team member of Taylorweir and using your position in the school honestly

  • To honour the privacy of information for both students and employers
  • Build mutual trust with colleagues and students
  • Maintain consistent and timely attendance
  • To be consistent and fair in all dealings
  • Honour all commitments