Perth Fashion Festival 2013

17 October 2013

Taylorweir were excited to be a part of the “2013 Perth Fashion Festival” which ran from 11th – 16th September.
Together with major sponsors L’Oreal, TW had the exclusive rights to style the hair at Fashion Central which featured fantastic catwalk events held at Forrest Place in the city over three days.
Trainer Kristen Tapper coordinated and ran the show back stage with 3 teams of volunteers including trainers and students from Certificate III and Certificate IV.
All the teams produced fantastic work across the three days with styles that were curled, pinned and dressed out, teased, tousled and fish tailed and braided, twisted and top knotted!!!
A huge thank you to everyone who was involved including employers who gave their apprentices the opportunity to be a part of this awesome event.
We hope to secure the rights to next years shows and will be looking for volunteers in July 2014.
To see the photos of our students and trainers at work at PFF, click on: or our Facebook link: